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So you want to learn how to make your own beats and become a beat maker? Have a passion and love for music?  Then you are definitely in the right place here.

Now let’s look at some of the basics and general rules to become a great beat maker.

5 Best Selling Beat Maker Software

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beat makerChoose the Right Software for You


First you need to decide which software you will be working with. There are lots of different music programs to choose from. Some of those beat making programs are free and some cost money.

If you are just starting out, I recommend you start with a free software (look below for a list of free online programs). That way you can have a look how beat making works. Best way to start with no costs.

Later on, when you decide to get more serious about beat making, you should purchase music software to produce more quality beats. The more expensive software is – more advanced beats you can make. Of course this is not always the case.

Before buying any music software, always check for reviews and opinions of others who used it before. You should also consider what types of beats you want to make. That way your choice of software will be much easier.

5 best free online beat maker programs to start with

Here is a list of 5 free online beat makers. Try them out to see if beat production is your thing.


Learn and Practice


Once you find the software that works best for you,  go and play with it. Don’t rush. Discover all the functions and possibilities of the software.

Learn and then learn some more. To become a successful beat maker you need to practice. No practice – no beats.

When making beats it is helpful if you understand the basics of music theory and various instruments. Your goal here is to get familiar with your software. Only so you will be able to use it fully.



Make Your Own Beats


Time for mistakes and experimentation. Try to be creative. Work on your beat until you like the rhythm. Always aim for original and unique beats. Listen and study beats from others, then use the basics on your own beats.

It takes time to perfect the beat. When you think your beat is finished, invite your friends to listen to it. They can help you find mistakes and maybe suggest some tweaks.

Don’t expect to make hot and quality beats at your first try. You need to be patient. It takes time to perfect beat making skills. Now go and make some beats.



Are You Good Enough Beat Maker to Start Selling Beats?


Yes! Your hobby can be profitable. It is all up to you.

If you get good enough you can start selling your beats.  This can bring you some good money.

First you need to have a collection of you beats (make sure your beats are good enough – you don’t want bad reputation) ready to start selling. You can lease your beats or sell exclusive rights for them.

I say again. Before you go into selling beats, make sure your work is of high quality. Don’t offer crappy beats.

There are ton of websites for selling beats. Just type “buy and sell beats online” in the search engine.



beat maker rules10 Beat Maker Golden Rules


1. Select your style

Before anything else, you need to select your genre. There are many styles and genres of beats. Ask yourself what is your favorite music and what  type of beats you want to make.

Always go for something that you are passionate about.


2. Invest in the right software and equipment

Depending on your style and genre, you’ll want software that will make you possible to produce quality beats.

Don’t look for cheap options. With good music program your job will be much easier. And your beat will sound better.

You should also invest in good monitor speakers and audio interface. Trust me, you can produce much more quality beats if you use good speakers.

Another optional buy is a MIDI controller. With this device you can work with the virtual instrument is your audio software. Makes beats making much easier.


3. Study beats from others

You can learn a lot from other beat makers. Learn from those who already mastered the art of beat making. Always be on a look out for new trends and hot beats.


4. Get good samples

Samples and loops are important for making beats. Usually you get them together with a good beat making software. If you wish you can also purchase them or download for free form the internet.

But be careful. Use only good samples. Your finished beat quality will depend on this.


5. Practice and learn

Only with practice and learning you will be able to produce great beats. Learn from your mistakes. And most important – take action – make beats.

With experience comes success.


6. Master your skills

It takes time to become a good beat maker. Some spend years to master the skill of beat making. But in the end it’s worth it.

With enough will and determination anyone can become successful beat maker.


7. Don’t wait for inspiration

Never just sit around and wait for idea to hit you. Instead go into working mode. Just do it!

Most likely inspiration will hit you when working on a crappy bit. You never know.


8. Experiment

Try new things. Mix genres and styles. Who knows? Maybe you can come up with a fresh and hot beat.

Sky is the limit.


9. Don’t give up

Making beats takes time and dedication. Don’t give up just because you can’t compare yourself with people who are in this industry for ten or more years.

Your time will come eventually. Just stick to it and don’t give up.


10. Enjoy and have fun

Be creative and have fun. Beats making should be something you like to do.

So don’t stress yourself to much.



Here you can find everything you need to become a successful beat maker – start making your own beats now. Tips, software reviews and beat making tutorials – all in one place.

How To Tutorials

Beat Making Software



Tips and Tricks

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